Source & Libraries

You can download the full source code and all libraries from the links provided.

Alternatively your just curious you can download the source only.

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so ive downloaded the code but whats with all the empty namespaces ?

The empty namespaces are for the most part representative of the parts of the framework which are either only available under a commercial license or simply have not been released yet.

They are there so that you can see whats missing...

Some of the namespaces, like Reason::Language::Javascript, and Reason::Learning will probably be released under the GPL once ive tidied them up and sorted out all the issues.

I deliberately wanted to keep the size and complexity of the first release to a minimum.

How do i build it ?

Reason comes with a standard makefile for use with GNU make on Unix/Linux/BSD and a visual studio project file for Windows XP/NT/2000. But you can also set up your own project using an environment like Eclipse very easily.

All the source code to Reason is in a single /src folder, and the libraries are also easily accessible in /lib/name/lib and /lib/name/include.

If your using the makefile, the default target builds an executable. But you will need to build the dependencies first using "make depend". To build a library use "make library".

What versions of GCC can i use to build it ?

It should build on any version of GCC > 3.3. Use "gcc --version" to check which version you have.

I want to make contributions, how can i do that ?

Drop me an email with your code or suggestions.

But please be aware that this is a work in progress. Whilst i am working out the details of the dual licensing scheme i would have to ask that you revoke any copyright that you have over contributions that you make.

In the future i would like to be able to offer a percentage of any income, say 10-20% to an open source organisation such as the Free Software Foundation in exchange for copyright.

I know this is a delicate issue, but i think its unusual for a framework like this to be produced by one person and i have to juggle my desire to go open source with the need to pay my rent and uphold existing commercial commitments which have allowed me to get where i am.

I don't have a day job, i am lucky enough that this is what i do full time.

Just out of curiosity, how much will a commercial license cost me ?

The plan at the moment is use a flat rate license of around 10 pounds (GBP) per individual/employee per year.

Yes, that is extremely cheap.

This model keeps the commercial code very close to being donation ware for most users. Only large corporations would pay hefty fees, and for open source purists hopefully it is so close to being spare change that it will not scare you away.

Licenses would be non-transferable and fees would not change without 1 years notice. And of course, they would always be negotiable if a fixed price is required for long term projects.

But feel free to give me your comments and suggestions if you don't like this scheme.

Copyright 2007 - Reason Limited