Source & Libraries

Reason is distributed as source code, but also comes with prebuilt libraries for its dependencies on many platforms.

If you do not wish to use some or all of the features which require the dependencies, like SQL support then you can optionally disable them and.

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.


Current Version

The current version of the Reason C++ framework as of July 2008 is version 2.x. This can be downloaded in source form using the link below, with pre-built dependencies for many platforms available as a separate download.

Reason 2.x Source Code (1MB)

To compile, simply extract the source code to a folder, and then extract the dependencies for your platform to ./reason/lib. Makefiles and project files for many platforms can be found under ./reason/project. These should be copied to the root directory of Reason, i.e. ./reason. For OSX and Linux, Reason can be built by running "make clean;make depend" followed by "make" to build an executable. If you want to make a static library just run "make library" after you have built the executable.

Reason 2.x Dependencies for Linux (2MB)

Reason 2.x Dependencies for Win32 (5MB)

Reason 2.x Dependencies for OSX (2MB)

Previous Versions

The full source code to the first release is available for download from the Google project page linked below. There are two versions, the source code only or the source code plus pre-built dependencies. This version of reason only compiles with Win32 and Linux.

Reason 2.0 Source Code (650KB)

Reason 2.0 Source Code + Dependencies (10MB)

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